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About Independence Live

Independence Live is a volunteer based organisation which has covered over a thousand events, mainly in Scotland, since November 2013. Over this time our growing group of volunteers have spent a lot of their own personal free time developing technical skills, as well as investing in expensive audio visual equipment and developing their knowledge about how best to deal with all kinds of different types of events and environments. Our volunteers commit their time and skills to be able to provide a livestreaming service to communities all over Scotland, free of charge. Our resources are limited. Donations to sustain Independence Live are much needed.

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Acknowledgement and Thank You
Our livestreamers are often the first to arrive at an event to get set up and the last to leave and have often also had to spend time preparing in the days leading up to an event. Sometimes event organisers forget to acknowledge Independence Live and/or thank our livestreamers for their time, which can be quite demoralising after putting in all the effort that is involved in livestreaming an event.

Promotion of livestream archive video
Event organisers who have worked with Independence Live have told us that one of the key benefits of having an event livestreamed is that once the livestream has ended it becomes available to view for free "catch-up" online. This can be a powerful resource for the event organiser and other participants in all sorts of ways after the event.

Livestream archive video can be made available for ediiting
We usually can provide a copy of the livestream archive video in a digital video format for editing and creation of highlights etc.